Shake Things Up with La Cabina: Navigating 2022's Wedding Photo Booth Trends

A Sneak Peek into the Exciting World of Innovative Wedding Photo Booths

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A picture speaks a thousand words – especially when it’s from your wedding day! With La Cabina, push the boundaries of traditional photography and embrace the creative trends in wedding photo booths.

Trend 1 – Interactive Photo Booths:

Increase the fun factor at your wedding with touchscreen photo booths that offer a uniquely interactive experience.

Trend 2 – Themed Booths:

Step up your photo booth setup with themes to match your wedding aesthetic. Be it rustic romance or beachy vibes, we’ve got you covered.

Trend 3 – Socially Connected Booths:

Forget waiting for photos. Our socially connected photo booths provide instantly shareable content for your social media savvy guests.

Trend 4 – Gourmet Photo Booths:

Stand out from the crowd by linking your photo booth to the menu. Think, edible props and food-themed backgrounds.


Step aside from the conventional with La Cabina. Embracing the new and exciting trends in wedding photo booths will ensure your celebration is one of a kind – a day to remember and to keep remembering, one delightful snapshot at a time.

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