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Welcome to La Cabina, where creating lasting memories with a one-of-a-kind touch is our specialty! No modern wedding is complete without a fun and innovative photo booth. Today, we’re diving into the latest photo booth trends that will take any wedding reception from standard to spectacular.

1). GIF Booths: A moving twist to the static pictures. GIF booths create short animations which can be instantly shared on social media.

2). 3D Booths: Looking for something unique? 3D booths generates images with a fun and exciting depth illusion.

3). Virtual Reality Booths: Offer your guests a futuristic experience, transporting them to different sceneries or themes of your choice, right from your venue!

4). Glitter Booths: Add a little sparkle to your wedding and your photos with a glitter booth. This involves a glitter backdrop and ample glitter props.

5). Silent Disco Booth: Everyone loves a good dance-off. A silent disco booth is essentially a dance booth with headphones, perfect for creating hilarious memories.

With La Cabina at your service, you can create a magical atmosphere that your guests will love and remember for a long time. Get in touch with us to tap into these latest trends and make your wedding stand out!

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