Picture Perfect Memories with La Cabina: The 2022 Guide to Wedding Photo Booth Trends

Spectacular and Creative Photo Booth Strategies for the Modern Wedding

Make your wedding or special occasion unforgettable with our photo booth in Cancun, Riviera Maya and Punta Cana


Photo booths have reinvented the way we capture memories at weddings. At La Cabina, we are at the forefront of these exciting developments, curating delightful experiences and producing tangible keepsakes for your special guests.

Trend 1 – Light Painting Photo Booths:

Light painting booths are an emerging trend in 2022. With long exposure settings on cameras and LED lights, your guests can create artistic and stunning visuals.

Trend 2 – 360-Degree Video Booths:

360-degree booths are quickly gaining popularity. Providing dynamic, roundabout views, these booths offer a unique experience and capture fantastic, fun-filled clips.

Trend 3 – Personalised Printouts:

Move over standard printouts; personalised prints are in! Our service allows guests to generate prints with personalised messages and graphics making each photo truly unique.

Trend 4 – Outdoor Photo Booths:

Taking advantage of natural landscapes and sunlight can elevate your pictures to another level. Nature-inclined booths are in demand for weddings in picturesque locations.


With La Cabina, you are guaranteed an exciting and innovative photo booth experience for your wedding. Stay ahead of the trends and let us capture the joyous moments on your special day.

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